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About Us
MTBD has been providing instruction in Budo Taijutsu in Pulaski, TN since 2004.  The owners, Jenny and Greg Slayton, have been training in the Bujinkan for almost 10 years.  At MTBD you will find a fun, family friendly, non-competitive atmosphere where everyone  is encouraged to train to their full potential.

Our youth program focuses on teaching life skills such as respect, self discipline, confidence, and the ability to focus.  Additionally, basic self defense skills are taught to allow our students the ability to confidently deal with unpleasant situations that may arise.

MTBD's adult progam emphasizes the basic skills taught within the Bujinkan.  These skills include striking, grappling, joint manipulation, throws, ground fighting, weapons, and awareness.  Budo Taijutsu stresses timing, distance, and angling to control an attacker.  Through the effective use of timing, distance and angling, we are able to more effectively defend against attack.
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